Mitt Romney may have bigger trouble than his low favorability, friendliness, and likability things. Few voters who support him say that he may not win against Mr. Barack Obama.

Investigators say that even a serious handicap deserve more notice that he is receiving; the image makers are trying to make Mitt seem warmer and plausible as a politician and commander in chief who can defeat an experienced campaigner, like Barack Obama.  Pollsters say US citizens like winners. The question ‘who can win’ is certainly not infallible. The numbers are upsetting; after several campaigns, it shows Romney and Obama roughly even when public asks: who do you believe will win.

Analysts predict that lagging faith in Mitt Romney is GOP challenge. It doesn’t assure Obama’s victory. There are plenty of opportunities for the numbers to increase as his confidence grows. As of now, GOP posters say that Mitt’s team should be worried.

Mike McKenna, a GOP pollster says if the campaign should know everything that gives a sense of the turnout, enthusiasm, fundraising, and last-minute volunteers that are likely to become visible. Steve Lombardo, another pollster agrees if reflects where the election is, on Barack’s advantage on winning the election. Race is not tied and Obama has an edge as of now. McKenna and Lombardo say they expect Mitt to narrow the gap of ‘who’ll win’ with Barack and he is hoping that this week’s campaign to help. If Romney cuts down his disadvantage to single digit, he can definitely succeed in doing so.  

A recent AP-GFK Poll discovered that Obama and Romney essentially tied the race; about 57% say Obama may win the race, while rest thinks he’ll lose, if the voting is conducted by November. A May Poll found 36% of US citizens predicting Romney to win, while 56 picking Obama. However, prediction on who’ll win the election might not give any final result, but rather it is a snapshot in time.

The polling history supports GOPs views; in mid-August 2008, New York Times and CBS News found 48% thought Obama will win, while rest 34 picked John McCain and the final result was Obama’s victory by 53%. In 2004, Pew Research Center found that George W. Bush would win by 44% against John Kerry. George Bush Won the November election with more than 50% votes.

In 2000, poll conducted by CBS News found that 47% votes on Bush against Al Gore (33%); however, Gore won the popular vote, while Bush the Electoral College vote. The voter’s mind cannot be read, but the low faith in Mitt’s potential to beat Barack suggests that Romney has yet to convince US citizens about his leadership.



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